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Nutritional and Holistic Health in Shelburne, Vermont


Preventative and Holistic Health and Nutrition

Shelburne Pediatrics provides preventative and holistic health and nutrition services for your child. This includes developmental screening. We make sure younger children are developing properly by screening for autism and developmental delays to ensure well-rounded growth.
We do what is called anticipatory guidance as part of a wellness visit. We answer your parenting questions and educate you on your child's diet, sleep, learning, behavior, family support, and safety, and what to expect regarding parenting issues.
Children eating meal — Nutritional and Holistic Health in Shelburne, VT
We provide advice on healthy eating and what things should be avoided, such as sweets, soda, high-fat foods, and processed foods. We work with you to create healthy habits regarding regular exercise, adequate sleep, and drinking plenty of water. We want you and your family to avoid toxins, whether they are in the environment or in foods. We diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries as needed.
Holistic health and nutrition take care of the whole body, mentally and physically. We look into family relationships with the child's parents and siblings to determine what is best for a good, healthy environment and upbringing. We make every effort to support the child's ability to reach his or her full potential.
When you want a balanced nutritional diet, contact our pediatric and adolescent healthcare office to schedule an appointment.